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25 Home Gym Ideas for 2023 that Makes You want to Exercise and Get Fit

If you want to get in shape, but can’t afford the rising fees of a gym membership, then consider creating your little home gym. Maybe the idea of a home gym has never been on your radar. But having your own place to exercise allows you to transform your life by building strength and endurance and improving your stamina. And there’re options to fit every budget with these 25 home gym ideas. 

Here are 25  Home Gym Ideas for 2023

The pandemic has taught us the importance of prioritizing our health at home. People who relied on going to the gym for self-care suddenly couldn’t maintain their exercise routine. That should give you a reason for creating a space for your home gym. Here are 25 home gym ideas to help you get started.

To maximize your chance of success, start by setting realistic health goals that transform your body for the long term. Research shows that picking the right goals and being aware of your motivation will set you up for success while giving you greater satisfaction for your success as you move forward.

1. Basement Home Gym

Are you living in your own house with a basement? If you are, perfect! Creating a space in your basement has many advantages. You won’t have to take up space that other family members use. And you won’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way.

A significant advantage of creating your home gym in your basement is that you’ll probably have more space to get creative with your workout options, even if you’re a senior.

Also, you can decorate it any way you want without worrying about distorting the ambiance of the living quarters. 

A disadvantage of a basement gym is if you’re one of the people with a lot of unused junk in their basement, you might need to spend some time clearing out that excess stuff. 

You might also need to remove insulation from your wall that might be toxic to breathe in; you might also need to paint the wall to create a more lively environment.

2. Living Room Corner

Most people decorate their living rooms with sofas and other furniture. Think about rearranging the furniture so you can have some corner space. This way, you’re not in other family members’ way.

It’s better to create this area before you buy your exercise equipment. This will help you decide the kind of equipment to get.

The most significant advantage of having a home gym in your living room is the convenience of working out to get in shape and lose weight.

And since you’re likely to have a TV in the living room, you can watch your favorite show while working out.

Depending on the size and scope of the gym you want to create in your living room, you might need to get rid of a piece of furniture, which you might not want to do. And a variety of exercise equipment might take up more space than family members will appreciate.  

3. Bedroom Gym

If your bedroom is your only option for your home gym idea, go for it. Find a spot that’s conducive to your fitness interest and exercise there. 

And if your goal is to lose weight, you can use many exercise machines in the bedroom. For example, a Peloton exercise bike could perfectly fit your bedroom.

You can even get exercise machines that fit right under your bed, like a folding treadmill. 

A significant advantage of a bedroom gym is that having your home gym in your bedroom, you can leave bed and exercise. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

A disadvantage of creating a gym area in your bedroom is that you might need to remove a dresser or bedside table. Of course, you might have a big enough bedroom, which will not be an issue.

4. Bathroom Gym

You may think a bathroom is no place to exercise. But think about this. Your bathroom has something many gyms have: a mirror. 

You can use your bathroom mirror to keep track of your posture and keep track of your physique. Further, the bathroom is an excellent place to work out with small equipment like a kettlebell. 

5. Spare Room

Are you fortunate to have a spare room? If you are, putting your home gym there is a no-brainer, especially if it’s empty. Maybe you’re using it as storage. Either way, it’s a perfect place to create your home gym.

If you’re using your spare room as storage, try downsizing by donating the things you’re not using to create the necessary space to transform your body.

Exercising in your spare room has its advantage: If the spare room is empty of bed or furniture, you have the perfect place to create your ideal home gym. And you won’t be in anyone’s way.

One disadvantage of converting your spare room into a home gym is that it could force you to adjust your workout schedule when guests stay.

6. Garage

With a home gym in your garage, you have the perfect place for a full-body workout. Whether your garage is crowded with junk, has a car or two, or is empty, reimagine it into a functional home gym.

And if the garage is empty, you can implement your perfect home gym ideas for 2023. Any exercise equipment, from a yoga mat, a dumbbell, a punching bag, a peloton, and a treadmill to a rowing machine, will fit in your garage. 

A big advantage of having a garage home gym is that it gives you the perfect place to separate your workout routine from your home routine without going to an actual gym. 

Because of the space a garage offers, you might be tempted to buy more exercise equipment than you need. So have a vision of what you’re after before you get started.

7. Attic Home Gym

There is no reason you can’t transform your attic into a home gym. Rather than leaving your attic as storage, why not clean it and create space to exercise?

Just make sure you have enough lighting. Then get an exercise bike, some weights, and, if you like, an exercise ball to work out your stomach.  

You could even get yourself a wall-mounted TV.

People don’t usually go to their attic as often as other areas of their home. So that could be a benefit to you. That means you’ll have some quiet time to do your exercise.

Your attic might be dusty and will need cleaning out. But once that’s done, you’ll be good to go. Your attic might not have enough lighting, and you’ll have to rectify it.  

Another disadvantage of an attic gym is that you’re over your family’s head. So you’ll need to take care not to drop lose weight on the floor.

8. Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is a simple and inexpensive exercise equipment you can use to do various exercises. All you need to do is secure it on the doorframe. Once it’s secured, you can do pullups, chin-ups, and leg raises for your stomach.

You can even place your pull-bar on the floor to do different exercises, including biceps, crunches, and push-ups.

A few advantages of the pull-up bar are that it’s inexpensive and versatile, allowing you to do various exercises. 

A disadvantage of the pull-up bar is that it has to fit securely above the doorframe to be functional.

Another disadvantage is that if it’s not fixed correctly to the door frame, it can detach and cause injury.

9. Pegboard Shelf Home Gym

If you worry you won’t have space to put exercise machines, install a pegboard on a wall or in your closet. 

Once you’ve set up your pegboard, get some exercise equipment you can hang. For example, you could hang a resistant band set, yoga mat, pull-up workout bar, and many more. 

The advantage of using a pegboard is that you can organize lightweight exercise equipment neatly. You organize and hang just about anything that’s not too big. 

Something you might find as a disadvantage is you won’t be able to hang a big exercise machine on a pegboard. And you’ll need to find a place where it doesn’t interfere with the ambiance of your home.

10. Yoga Mat Home Gym

Yoga is a popular form of exercise for promoting good mental health. Using yoga as your exercise helps you maintain good posture, build strength, and promote emotional well-being.  

So if yoga is your thing, get a nice yoga mat, and spread it on your floor. 

The advantage of a yoga mat home gym is that it doesn’t cost much money. All you need to bring your yoga mat home gym to life is a mat and comfortable clothes you can stretch in.

If you live with other family members, you might only sometimes be able to do your yoga exercise at the same spot, which could be a disadvantage to you. You might need more peace and quiet to get yourself in the right mind.  

11. Smart Home Gym

Instead of using dumbbells or a treadmill, perhaps you’d like to apt for an exercise machine with built-in trainers. This is usually a costly option, but it’s an option. 

For example, Tonal is one of the best smart gyms. When you get a Tonal, a professional installer comes to your home and installs it by mounting it to your wall.

You can program these machines to match your unique exercise goals. You set up a program and follow it for days or weeks.

Further, these smart home gyms come with trainers in the form of a guided tour. You watch on the screen and follow along.

The great thing about these wall-mounted machines is that they come with various exercises. And they’re easy to use. You pick a video, and it plays for you. It’s like having a trainer in your home.

They are expensive, something that could be a disadvantage to some people. And if you decide to move, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall it at your new home.

12. Back Yard Home Gym

If you have a backyard, you have the ideal place for your workout ideas, especially when you have great weather. You can set up almost any exercise machine in your backyard.

Whether you want to focus on strength training or full-body workout, you could install in your backyard any equipment to accomplish your goals. And if you’re going to do aerobics, you could get a portable folding treadmill and roll it right to your backyard when you’re ready to use it.

The advantage of having a home gym in your backyard is that you can bring out an exercise machine and start exercising immediately. And you don’t have to paint or decorate anything.

However, making your backyard the focal point of your exercise could be a disadvantage as it leaves you vulnerable to bad weather.

You might have to cancel exercising when it rains or snows. And you wouldn’t want to do certain exercises outdoors when it gets too cold. 

13. Door-Mounted Home Gym 

Every home has a door, but you probably never thought you could transform it into a home gym. Well, you can. There are portable exercise machines like the Brayfit Fusion 400 Door Mounted Resistant Training. You mount it to your door, close it, and you’re ready to do several exercises.

These machines come with accessories that allow you to complete a workout and are easy to set up. 

An advantage of a door-mounted home gym is its ease of use. Once you mount it to your door, it’s easy to transition from one exercise to another.

The disadvantage of the door-mounted gym is once you finish your workout, remove the machine from the door. This means each time you exercise, you’ll have to mount it to the door, then unmount it. This might discourage some people from using it as often as they’d like. 

14. Stairs Climbing

Running is a great cardio exercise. Running is also great for building stamina and endurance.  When you go for a run, it’s usually to the park or sidewalk. 

But you could run up and down the stairs if you live in an apartment building. If running is out for you for whatever reason, you could walk up and down the stair several times at an average pace.

The advantages of running or walking up and down your stairs are that all you need to do is open your door, walk to the stairs and start your exercise routine.

The Disadvantages of stair climbing are that you primarily work out your lower body. And it puts a lot of strain on your leg and joint bones. 

15. Patio Gym

If you don’t mind your neighbors or passersby seeing you working out, your patio is an excellent option for light exercise. Take your free weight, jumping rope, pilate wheel, or any small portable equipment to your patio and do your exercise there. 

The simplicity of working out on your patio makes it a no-brainer. Take your favorite portable exercise machine to your patio and get going with your workout routine.

One disadvantage of working out on your patio is that the weather can be unpredictable, causing you to cancel your workout. Also, not wanting your neighbor to see you exercising might discourage you from doing so.

16. Home Office Gym

If you work from home and have a home office, why not use it to get some exercise done? 

You could create a little workout station if the office is big enough. Otherwise, get some portable equipment you can store somewhere and take them to the office as needed.

An advantage of a home office gym is the ease with which you can schedule your workout into your work schedule. You can simply go from your desk to your treadmill.

The disadvantage is you might be restricted in the exercise you can do or the type of machines you can set up in your office.

Further, you might abandon your exercise to get work done if you’re a workaholic.

17. Mirror Home Gym

When you think about home gym ideas for 2023, you should consider a studio mirror, and there are many you can choose from. Lululemon Mirror is a popular one. And it doesn’t require you to mount it to a wall. 

You lean it against your wall, plug it in, turn it on, and access the class library, which has numerous classes and workout styles. It’s a personal trainer. It offers cardio classes, a yoga studio, and even a boxing ring. 

An advantage of this particular mirror home gym is that you can use it as a regular mirror. That’s right. After you work out and turn it off, you get to look at your shape and figure.

You don’t get the classes if you don’t pay for a year’s membership packages, which might be a disadvantage if you want the library of classes. And you wouldn’t get accessories.

18. Resistance Bands Exercises

If you want to exercise but cannot jog and do not want to invest in exercise equipment, try using a resistant band. A resistant ban can help you reach your fitness goals. 

Resistant bands are durable, and you can use them to accomplish various exercises that strengthen your upper and lower body.  

The advantage of the resistant bands is it’s inexpensive, and you can use them anywhere in your house or apartment. 

Another advantage is the many exercises you can do safely and quickly to build muscle, increase your strength, burn fat, and improve your mobility. 

The band’s disadvantage is that it can break if you’re not careful. And it will take you a long time to build muscles.

19. Slides

Slides are an easy and effective way of working your core. You position yourself in a plank position, step on the slides and slide one leg at a time toward your stomach. Do it for a few minutes, and you’ll start to feel the burn.

An advantage of slides is it offers an easy way to work out your abdominal muscles. If you don’t have a pair of slides, you can use paper plates as a substitute; if your floor is non-carpet, you can wear a pair of socks. 

However, it does have its disadvantage: Slides don’t give you the ability for a wide range of exercises like you’d get from other machines. You’re limited to working out your core. 

20. Free-Weight Rack

You might live in a small apartment like a studio and want to work out with free weights but don’t have space to store them. The solution is to get a free-weight rack. Place it against the wall and lay your free weights on it.

With the free weight, you’re not restricted in where you can exercise – you can accomplish your fitness goals of building muscles, core training, and a host of other exercises.  

The benefit of having a free-weight rack are you get to keep your free weights at one location neatly, even if you have the smallest apartment.

21. Laundry Room Gym

If your house happens to have a laundry room, why not keep some exercise equipment there so you can get in some exercise while doing your laundry?

You might even have enough space, say 9 feet by 10 feet, to install a functioning home gym. You might have enough space for an exercise bike, a free-weight rack, a bench, and barbells. 

The advantage of putting exercise equipment in your laundry room gives you the benefit of working out while doing laundry room. 

The disadvantage of this idea is you’ll have to share the space with your washing and drying machines. And you’ll have to stop your exercise to attend to the laundry.

22. Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is effective in working and strengthening your abdominal muscles. You can use an exercise ball for stretching, crunches, squats, ab tucks, and push-ups. 

Once you’re finished with your routine, you can deflate it for more accessible storage. However, if you use it daily, it would be better not to deflate it.

The advantage of an exercise ball is It’s great for abdominal exercises. And its ease of use will encourage you to use it regularly.

One disadvantage is little by little, the ball will lose air, and you’ll have to inflate it. This means you’ll need a pump whenever you need to inflate your ball.

23. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope helps enhance your activity for more speed and strength. And since you’re jumping, you get a full-body workout, including strengthening your leg muscles. 

Jumping rope is also great for weight loss because you burn calories. Plus, ropes are portable: you can use them at any convenient location.

An advantage of jump rope is it’s inexpensive. And jumping rope is a quick and easy activity that gives you a full-body workout.

Jumping puts a lot of stress on your knee joints, which can cause joint pain – a disadvantage for those who suffer from joint pain.

24. Swedish Ladder

Swedish Ladder, also known as Stall Bar or Wall bar, is an exercise equipment that looks like a ladder, but it’s not. You can use a stall bar for plenty of workouts – strength training, stretching, and increasing flexibility.

You buy a stall bar for your spare room, basement, or garage gym. However, if you’re good at building things, you can build it yourself.   

The benefit of a Swedish Ladder is that it can be an alternative to different exercises at home. This one piece of equipment lets you perform many different activities to accomplish your fitness goals.

Because of its size and looks, you probably wouldn’t be in your living room or bedroom. So a disadvantage is your options of where to put it might be limited.

25. Free Weights

Free weights include barbells and dumbbells – so you’re not restricted to a machine. Free weights give you the option of working out anywhere you want. You can sit in a chair anywhere in your house and do a couple of arm, chest, and shoulder exercises.

Because free weights are versatile, you can perform several exercises for strength building, stamina, burning fat, and simply improving your health.  

An advantage of free weights is that you have a more comprehensive range of motion: you can be more flexible and more natural in your movement.

As versatile as free weights are, they have disadvantages: they can be intimidating for beginners. And exercises like squats and bench presses sometimes require a spotter to complete the activities correctly and safely.

You are more likely to get injured from free weights than from machines.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to creating a home gym, you have a lot of options. The direction you choose in implementing your home gym ideas for 2023 depends on your goals and the available space. The amount of money you’re willing to spend on creating your home gym will also play a role.