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All the Best Home Gym Sets in 2023: The Best Home Gyms for Strength Training, Weight Loss & More

There are not too many workout machines that can offer a full-body workout. If you have been building a nice home garage gym or are hoping to start saving some money by working out at home, a home gym set is an excellent addition to your workout gear. 

These machines allow you to do all sorts of workouts – even do all your lifting in the same place. As a result, they are a treasured addition to your home gym. Below, we will cover all you need to know about these products and help you find the best home gym. 

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All the Best Power Racks For Home Gyms

  1. Total Gym Apex G3: Best overall power rack
  2. JX Fitnexx SCM-1148L: Best durability
  3. Yes4All Heavy Duty Bar: Best for gravity & bodyweight workouts
  4. Marcy MWN-988: Best bicep workouts
  5. EVO Portable Gym: Best portability
  6. Marcy Multi Home Gym: High weight stability
  7. Marcy Smith Cage Machine: Most versatile
  8. Goplus Home Gym: Best leg workout experience
  9. Marcy Cage Gym: Best manufacturer warranty 
  10. Total Gym XLS: Easiest assembly
  11. Marcy MKM-81010: Best safety features
  12. XMark Cable Machine: High-weight capacity
  13. Marcy MWM-4965: Balance of price & quality
  14. Marcy Pro Smith Machine: Best crossover workouts
  15. Soozier Home Gym: Best comfort features

1. Total Gym Apex G3 – Best Overall

  • Thick steel construction
  • Innovative design
  • Effortless setup

If you want the best home gym, look no further than the Total Gym Apex G3. Its frame and weight guards, made from thick steel, withstand intense weight challenges. It supports all sorts of workouts and can be installed within about 30 minutes. 

Complete with great home gym flooring, you are ready for daily training. The innovative leg exercise pedal broadens lower-body workouts. There are arm bars, dip bars, and just about all you could ask for with this model. 

2. JX Fitnexx SCM-1148L – Most Durable 

  • Adjustable comfort
  • Quick release latches
  • Safe & durable

If you want the most durable home gym, the JX Fitnexx model is the best option to check out first. The backrest cushion on this gym offers four adjustment levels, while the seat cushion provides 3, ensuring personalized comfort. 

Integrated parts storage stands ensure an organized workout area. Four quick-release latches make for fast and easy length adjustments or accessory removal. With a superb durable frame built to last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong here! 

3. Yes4All Heavy Duty Bar – Best For Gravity & Bodyweight Workouts

  • Solid construction
  • Many workouts supported
  • Easy install

This is a good option for those who want to do gravity and bodyweight workouts like pullups and pushups. The bar offers 5 handle positions, accommodating all skill levels and targeting various upper body and core muscles. 

You can also remove the bar and use it on the floor for additional exercises, such as push-ups or leg raises. Of course, this is also an affordable option. 

4. Marcy MWN-988 – Best for Biceps 

  • Weight stack lock
  • Comfortable bicep workouts
  • Versatile design

This is a great option for those who want to do bicep workouts. The removable preacher curl bicep pad on this home gym facilitates isolated bicep exercises while reducing tension and impact. This home gym, combining arm and leg stations in an innovative structure, allows for efficient, total-body workouts right in the comfort of your home. 

5. EVO Portable Gym – Best Portability

  • Compact & portable
  • Up to 320 lb. resistance
  • Good versatility

This is the best home gym designed for portability without compromising strength and quality. This unique design allows you to train with 10 to 320 pounds of refined resistance and do hundreds of exercises without taking up much space. It comfortably fits into a backpack or even a large purse, letting you take your workout anywhere. 

6. Marcy Multi Home Gym – Best Weight Stability

  • 150-pound weight stack
  • Safety lock for weights
  • Many attachments

This gym offers more stability in the weights than other home gyms. The system is reinforced with guard rods that maintain the weights in place during your sessions. The included 150-pound weight stack can be adjusted to your skill level, eliminating the stress of loading and unloading weight plates. 

Safety is prioritized with a lock feature that prevents unauthorized equipment use. The dual action press arms allow you to perform various exercises, such as chest presses and vertical butterfly exercises, enhancing your biceps, triceps, pectorals, and other muscle groups.

7. Marcy Smith Cage Machine – Most Versatile

  • All-in-one design
  • Ergonomic & adjustable
  • Included storage posts

The all-in-one gym equipment is your ultimate fitness solution for leading strength building. Combining the functionality of a pull-up bar, cable crossovers, leg bar, and much more, this gym machine allows a diverse range of exercises. It targets the upper body muscles with the press bar and cable crossovers and focuses on the lower body muscles with the leg developer.

8. Goplus Home Gym – Best for Leg Workouts

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 4-roll leg bar
  • 100 lb. weight stack

If you want a home gym with the best leg workouts, look no further. The easy 4-roll leg bar, enhanced with thick foam roller padding, promises a comfortable and efficient strength training experience. In addition, leg extensions and further leg workouts with the low pulley system and ankle strap attachment. 

9. Marcy Cage Gym – Best Warranty

  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • High and low pulley system
  • Open cage design

With a two-year warranty, you can confidently invest in this home gym. The gym system has a high and low pulley, a lat and tricep bar. These features offer the ability to do a wide range of exercises, from ab crunches and to pulldowns using the higher.

The open cage design of this equipment is spacious and highly functional, with additional features such as a kettlebell and a dumbbell rack inside. There is also extra weight plate storage, but note that weights aren’t included.


10. Total Gym XLS – Easiest Assembly 

  • Over 80 exercises supported
  • Out-of-box assembly
  • Compact storage

This unique and compact machine is uniquely equipped to handle over 80 exercises, providing a total body workout that focuses on all major muscle groups. 

Whether your goal is cardio fitness, strength training, or stretching, this device caters to all. There’s no assembly required, so you can get started right away. Even better, the equipment is designed for compact storage.

11. Marcy MKM-81010 – Best Safety Features

  • Up to 200-pound resistance
  • Equipped with safety foam
  • Many exercises supported

Safety is a key feature of this home gym. It comes with high-density boxed vinyl upholstery filled with high-density foam to ensure comfort during your workouts. The solid steel protective stack cover and the weight stack lock provide additional safety. 

Another standout feature is the multi-function arm press which allows you to switch from chest press to vertical butterfly exercises for an optimized upper body workout. By offering a variety of exercises, the Marcy Stack Gym minimizes the amount of equipment you need for your home workout, eliminating the necessity for free weights. 

12. XMark Cable Machine – High Weight Capacity 

  • 200 lb. weight stack
  • 1500 lb. weight capacity
  • Versatile exercise options

This is a good home gym system for those who need the most weights possible. Its commercial-grade pull-up rig and pulley system guarantee a smooth performance. With a staggering 1500 lb weight capacity. The bench’s transport wheels also help facilitate easy movement within your workout space. 

The machine also comes with a plethora of easily interchangeable accessories such as hand straps, long strap handles, a triceps rope, short and long bars, a leg extension leg curl strap, and an ankle strap. 

13. Marcy MWM-4965 – Balance of Price & Quality

  • Strong 14-gauge steel frame
  • Full body strength training
  • Double pulley system

If you want a home gym set that comes with a nice balance of price and quality, this is the best option to check out first. It features foam roller pads and a back pad, ensuring that you enjoy the highest levels of comfort and support during your strength training routines. Best of all, the price won’t tear a hole in your pocket. 

14. Marcy Pro Smith Machine – Best Crossover Workouts

  • All-in-one home gym
  • Best crossover workouts
  • Ample storage space

This should be the first product you look at if you are a fanatic of crossover workouts. This comprehensive home gym package includes a power tower, utility bench, squat rack, pull-up bar, and a weight holder designed to cater to a variety of strength-training exercises. 

The adjustable seat and the 2″ thick high-density foam back pad make this equipment ideal for exercises like dumbbell presses, triceps extensions, biceps curls, bench dips, and sit-ups. The gym set also boasts a robust tubular-steel dual overhead pulley system, allowing you to perform an array of crossover workouts comprehensive, convenient, and efficient workout experience at home. 

15. Soozier Home Gym – Best Comfort Features

  • Padded cushions
  • Full-body strength training
  • Included 9×11 lb. weight stack

Meet your new full-body workout companion: the Gym Power Station. Designed for optimal comfort while training right at your home, this all-in-one machine allows you to work both your upper and lower body. There is an included wear-resistance PU cushion that will keep you comfortable throughout hours of workouts. 

Get the Best Home Gym System Today

If you want to get the best home gym, start by checking out the Total Gym Apex G3. If you value a high level of durability instead, the JX Fitnexx SCM-1148L is another good home gym to check out. 

Finally, the Yes4All Heavy Duty Bar is another good option to check out if you want to save some money and enjoy doing gravity and other bodyweight workouts. Finally, be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to get free content. Be sure to also check out my 100-pound weight loss journey!