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Each of the Best Weightlifting Shoes: Durable, Strong & Useful

You have a lovely new workout routine planned and are about a month or so in. With all this extra exercise you are doing, you start to notice blisters all over your feet. If you want to avoid standard foot issues like this, it’s vital to understand the best weight lifting shoes designed to assist you with lifting – alongside other products like weightlifting belts

Of course, though, it can be a hassle to do all the complex research on your own – especially if you have no idea what to look for. After testing out all the top weightlifting shoes for ourselves, we are now ready to give you the best weightlifting shoes for 2023. This way, you can focus more on weight loss and exercise rather than boring shoe details. 

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All the Best Weightlifting Shoes

  1. New Balance 608 V5 Cross Trainer: Overall best weightlifting shoes
  2. Fila Memory Workshift-M Shoes: Best for comfort
  3. Reebok Nano X2 Cross Trainer: Best customization
  4. Nike Romaleos 4 Cross Trainers: Best durability
  5. Adidas Adipower III Weightlifting Shoes: Good for squats & lunges 
  6. Reebok Legacy Women’s Lifter II: Best women’s weightlifting shoes
  7. Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer: Best for running
  8. Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes: Good for biking & hiking
  9. Adidas Powerlift 5: Hottest new weightlifting shoes
  10. Adidas Powerlift 4: Proven quality over time 
  11. Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter III: Good for flat feet
  12. Nike Savaleos: Best ankle support
  13. Vibram Men’s Five Fingers: Unique five-toe design

1. New Balance 608 V5 Cross Trainer – Best Overall

  • The best weightlifting shoes
  • Suitable for weightlifting & all-purpose training
  • Great for running, hiking, and biking
  • High level of comfort 
  • Good for wide feet
  • High level of durability

This should be the first option you check out if you want the best weightlifting shoes in 2023. These shoes are made with leather and are designed to last years of abuse and rough workouts – whether you are running, lifting, or simply beating your shoes on the wall. Just like typical New Balance shoes, many praise the extraordinary comfort of these shoes. 

The rubber soles on these shoes are great for all sorts of exercise and training activities. These are also a great option if your feet are extensively-wide compared to other people. There are also various color schemes to check out, including black, white, red, brown, and more. 

2. Fila Memory Workshift-M Shoes – Highest Level of Comfort

  • Affordable & high-quality
  • Memory foam sole support
  • Great for running & hiking
  • High level of durability 
  • Black & white designs ready

Next up, the Fila Memory Workshift-M shoes are another solid option to check out if you want CrossFit shoes that can be used for a diverse range of activities – from working to workouts. These non-slip shoes have a memory foam design to give you the highest support possible. This way, you can reap all the benefits of weightlifting without sacrificing comfort. 

There is a leather design put into the shoes themselves, and rubber soles that will keep you on your feet while traversing through damp and slippery areas. You can only these shoes in black and white designs, though. 

3. Reebok Nano X2 Cross Trainer – Best Selection of Colors

  • About 20 different styles
  • Good traction for running
  • Flexible design bends without tearing
  • Strong rubber traction

As many of us in the fitness community know, fashion is essential when working out. This is why we also looked for the best weightlifting shoes with many colors and designs to choose from. There are about 20 different styles that you can check out, including brown, black, white, blue, red, purple, and many more. 

Then, we also love the flexible design of these shoes, which can bend and twist to many extremes without tearing the fabric or rubber of the shoes. Therefore, this is also a great option to check out if you are on the hunt for shoes that can withstand lots of abuse. 

4. Nike Romaleos 4 Cross Trainers – Highest Durability

  • Strong & durable design with straps
  • Excellent upper foot support
  • Great for gymnastics & sports
  • Very comfortable design

If you are after the highest level of durability possible, the Nike Romaleos 4 might be the best option to check out. Featuring an elevated heel design, strong rubber soles, and excellent upper foot strap support, these shoes will likely hold up much longer than any other product on this page. You can take these out for over a year before damage starts. 

As a result, we also recommend these shoes for intensive activities like gymnastics, basketball, and other indoor sports. With excellent support and durability, these are great for a fitness freak who wants to take their new shoes out for daily workouts. However, those who don’t want their heels elevated off the ground might opt for a flatter design. 

5. Adidas Adipower III Weighlifting Shoes – Best For Squats & Lunges

  • Attractive casual-friendly design
  • Extreme weight support
  • Sturdy & strong rubber sole support
  • Upper-foot support straps

If you have been focusing your training efforts on activities like lunges and squats, which require a high level of weight support, these are the best shoes to check out. These shoes have high-density midsoles that will take on much of the force of the weight for squats. This way, you can say goodbye to blisters and sores. 

Another standout feature of these shoes is their very sturdy rubber outsole design which will keep you on your feet – even if you are traversing through slippery terrain. We also like how these shoes are made sustainably – with at least 50% recycled content put into the shoes. This way, you can do your part for the planet and still get the high quality you deserve. 

6. Reebok Legacy Women’s Lifter II – Best For Women

  • Best women’s weightlifting shoes
  • About 10 different styles to choose from
  • Firm & sturdy rubber sole 
  • Good weight support

It can sometimes be challenging for a woman to find the right shoes to meet her needs. This is the clear frontrunner if you want the best weightlifting shoes for women. These Reeboks have wonderful weight support and excellent rubber traction and come in all women’s sizes. 

We also like how there are many colorful designs to choose from. Some dominant color designs include black, white, teal, yellow, orange, grey, pink, and more. Just keep in mind that these shoes come with a higher price tag than you would expect while on the hunt for the highest level of quality. 

7. Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer – Best For Runners

  • Strong & flexible design for running
  • Sturdy leather, rubber, and sole foam design
  • Excellent wide-foot support
  • Non-slip design

As a runner, you need a unique pair of shoes that can withstand a beating. When running, you are slamming your shoes on the ground repeatedly, grinding soles against the pavement, and testing the limits of the shoe’s design. This is why you need proven durability, like what we find here with the Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers. 

They have a durable design that you will take on your runs and workouts for over a year. Strap on these shoes tight, and you will be ready to run without grinding your feet against your socks and the soles – say goodbye to blisters for good! Of course, you can also take these shoes back to the gym for weightlifting. 

8. Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes – For Biking & Hiking

  • Keeps feet cool for workouts
  • Excellent product ventilation
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Good traction for hiking

Next, those who like biking and hiking as the main target for their cardio need to get shoes specifically designed to meet this purpose well. If this describes your fitness needs, we highly recommend that you get the Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes. These have a great balance of ventilation and support for these activities. 

We also like how there are over ten different designs to choose from with these shoes. Some of the dominant colors that you can choose from include yellow, orange, red, black, white, and much more. These shoes also have a nice balance between price and quality. 

9. Adidas Powerlift 5 – Rising Talent

  • New design that is growing in popularity
  • Fantastic cushion comfort
  • Strong rubber outsole. 
  • Made with 50% recycled content

The Powerlift 5 is a brand-new design from Adidas. Therefore, we wanted to allow some time for people to try out these shoes for the first time before we made a decision on their quality. Almost a year into the product launch, we are now confident of the quality of these shoes. Some of the standout features include durable support, strong sole, and recycled content. 

This shoe can be used for all sorts of fitness activities, from squats to running. There is a strong midsole support in these shoes – giving you the ability to load up the weight and do squats without putting too much weight on your toes. 

10. Adidas Powerlift 4 – Proven Quality

  • Slightly more affordable than the Powerlift 5
  • Proven high-quality design and support
  • Made with 50% recycled content

If you like the Powerlift 5’s from Adidas but don’t want to test your luck quite yet on an unproven design, the Adidas Powerlift 4 might instead be the best choice for you to consider. We find many of the same coveted features here, such as the grippy rubber sole, sturdy design, and design with 50% recycled content. 

Of course, buying an older design also means you will get access to slightly more affordable prices. Of course, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer can stop selling these anytime – so be sure to buy these before it’s too late! Otherwise, you will be stuck buying the latest and most expensive model. 

11. Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter III – Best For Flat Feet

  • Contoured design – good for flat feet
  • Excellent grip and comfort 
  • About six designs to choose from

If you have flat feet, you know too well how much of a burden it can be just to do simple tasks like walking and working out. These shoes have an elevated and contoured design that will help keep your feet in a comfortable position. You can say goodbye to that lingering foot pain when paired with prescription orthotics or heel support. 

We also like how there are about six unique color designs for these shoes – allowing fashion-minded people a higher level of customization. You can choose from colors like red, brown, blue, and black. These shoes also have a very sturdy rubber outsole that will keep you on your feet without slipping. 

12. Nike Savaleos – High Ankle Support

  • Good for those with bad ankles
  • Suitable for all sorts of fitness activity 
  • Extra support on the upper-ankle

Getting a new pair of workout shoes can be a major hassle if you have bad ankles. Sure, you can take ankle braces everywhere you go – but they can become a hassle. Instead, you might opt for simply getting a nice pair of shoes like these, which come equipped with high-ankle straps and a high-top design for extra ankle support. 

However, our only complaint with these shoes is that you get what you pay for. Since these shoes have a higher level of high-ankle support, they will also cost you a little more than many of the other shoes on this page. However, this might not be a problem if you have bad ankles and are ready to spend a little more to alleviate your discomfort. 

13. Vibram Men’s Five Fingers – Unique Five-Toe Design

  • Comfortable five-toe fitting design
  • Sturdy rubber outsole
  • Good comfort for running

Finally, those who enjoy the unique five-toe design that has gathered up some appeal throughout recent years might like the Vibram Men’s Five Fingers for weightlifting. Although usually used for running. Those with wide feet who simply cannot fit into most shoes tend to love this design the best.

In addition, this design works great for running – since it helps your feet get established into a comfortable and efficient form while running. Of course, the strong rubber outsole will keep you sturdy throughout important tasks like squats and burpees too! 

Top Features to Consider When Buying the Best Weightlifting Shoes

Now that we have broken down all the best weightlifting shoes to check out this year, you may not know how to find the best shoes for your needs online. Don’t worry, we can help you out. Here are all the top features to consider when shopping for weightlifting shoes. 

Level of Support

The first thing that you need to consider is the level of support. Those with bad ankles, for example, need to find a pair of shoes with higher levels of support than those who simply want higher levels of grip for running or hiking. Therefore, keep your support needs in mind before buying a pair of weightlifting shoes. 

Materials Used

Next up, another vital factor to consider before you decide which weightlifting shoes to get are the materials used. This will often be indicative of the quality, support, and durability of the shoes. Look for solid fibers, rubber soles, and so on. 

Brand Name

The brand name can often be indicative of the quality of the product – and sometimes not. However, when you are buying from trusted brands like Nike or Adidas, you can always be confident that the manufacturer didn’t cut too many corners while producing the shoes. This way, your shoes last as long as you need them to. 

Your Use Case

Next up, consider what your personal use case is. If you want to use your shoes while lifting weights, you might not be as concerned with support. However, if you also want to use the shoes for things like biking, running, or hiking, you might need to find special shoes to fit your use case. 

Price Tag

Lastly, the most important factor for your needs is likely the price tag of the shoes. You are probably coming into your search with a minimum and maximum budget. For best results, most people will pay a little more than their minimum budget to ensure they also receive quality and durability. 

Buy One of the Best Weightlifting Shoes Today

If you want to get the best weightlifting shoes, then the New Balance 608 V5 Cross Trainers are the best ones to check out first. However, those who want the best balance of quality and price should instead check out the Fila Memory Workshift-M Shoes.

However, those who want to have the highest selection of different colors and customization options for their new weightlifting shoes should get the Reebok Nano X Cross Trainer. Just be sure to do your own research and compare all the top options to get the best weightlifting shoes for your own needs. 

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