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9 Garage Gym Ideas For The Perfect Home Gym

“Where can I build a home gym because I don’t have the space?” That’s usually how the initial conversation starts. And I’ll give you the answer you may or may not have been thinking of…

The garage. 

That’s right. 

The garage is one of the best places in your home to build a home gym. Read on to learn why and how to get some fantastic garage gym ideas!

Why Do I Want A Garage Gym?

A garage is an ideal space for a home gym. Why? For several reasons, it’s separate from house living areas, it’s built to hold cars, so the weight of equipment is of no concern, and the overall space can be flexible since you can put walls and ceilings/rafters to work for storage and equipment usage.

Of course, not all garages available to be used as a home gym are identical. There are two-car dedicated spaces, spaces that have to be shared with a car sometimes, and variations in between. 

However, at the end of the day, the area lends itself to versatility, and you can build a garage gym on any budget. Of course, it all depends on your needs and desires and what you have available. So if your wheels are starting to turn, go to your garage now and look around for garage gym inspiration!

1. Full Garage Space

If you can dedicate a full two-car garage to a home gym, you will have the most flexibility because of its size. 

More than likely, your budget will be the only thing limiting you because you should be able to fit in all of the equipment you would like including free weights such as a squat rack and bench press, dumbbells, cardio equipment, or maybe hang a punching bag. Again, it all depends on your fitness goals. 

You can also add extras like a built-in sink, water refiller, or beverage cooler to make hydration easier. Your fitness palace beckons! 

2. Half Garage Space Ideas

With a one-car garage dedicated space, you will have to prioritize more decisions on equipment since you may be unable to fit everything you would like. For example, maybe you just get a jump rope instead of a cardio machine. Or you may have to start engaging the ceiling/rafters or walls for hanging equipment from or attaching equipment to. 

Your fitness goals will help drive the decisions on what equipment makes the most sense for the space available. But then, creativity starts to become your friend!

3. Blended Garage Space

If you are in a situation where your garage gym will be sharing space with a car or the garage space isn’t big enough to be dedicated to a gym, storage solutions need to be included with your gym setup. 

It can be argued that storage is essential with any garage gym option, but efficient storage is a must as your space decreases in size and becomes more inflexible. 

This can involve on-the-ground storage that can serve a dual purpose with your gym and the needs of any living space required. Or you may want to maximize the use of the wall space for storage, especially if your gym is going to be shared with a car. 

Your equipment choices will continue to be driven by your goals and available space.

4. Portable Garage Gym Ideas

Creating portable garage gyms if you don’t have any garage space that can be dedicated full-time to your home gym is also worthy of consideration. 

For example, you could have a couple of wheeled storage containers in your garage filled with equipment you want to use. Then you can back your car out of the garage when you want to get a workout in and wheel your gym out. Or you can use equipment that folds up against the wall or hangs on it and can be pulled out when you want to use it. Or a combination. 

The sky’s the limit here.

5. Extended Garage Gym Ideas

Suppose you’re in a situation where you have a garage, but it doesn’t offer the opportunity to use it as a home gym. 

What about adding on to it physically, if the house’s footprint allows, or maybe attaching a shed to the doorway out to the backyard to create a small building/area where you can set up a gym? 

It may not be the most conventional approach, but thinking outside the box can have its advantages!

6. Nail The Flooring

Flooring is one of the most necessary items for your garage gym. You want to create a gym environment that is comfortable and one you want to spend time in. And depending on your gym habits, that could be a lot of time! 

If you have a newer garage floor, an option could be to install an epoxy coating. Another option would be using rubber home gym mats, which come in various colors if you want to add a splash to your gym floor.

7. See The Light

One of the downsides to using a garage for a gym is that garages are generally dark. 

So you will want to address this with one of the many options available. For example, you could add LED lighting to brighten the space or add windows to create more natural light. Or, depending on your garage’s current construction, you could replace a wall with sliding glass doors, add glass ceilings, or install skylights. 

The goal is to brighten the space so you can see all of your workout equipment and avoid any potential injuries. 

A bright gym will also help keep you motivated and energetic.

8. Stay Cool

I say stay calm, but depending on where you live, you might have to stay warm too. 

The important takeaway is that depending on your setup; you may have to work on the HVAC system feeding your garage to ensure proper airflow. Or, while working out, you may need to open a door or window and add some fans. 

The objective is to establish a sound ventilation system to keep you comfortable so you can stay on track to achieve your fitness goals.

9. Feel The Sound

Yes, that’s right, feel the sound. A gym isn’t the place for elevator music! Instead, you want that music to keep feeding your energy level. 

But remember, this is a home gym, and the goal isn’t to include your neighbors on your playlist while working out. So keep that in mind. 

A good garage gym music setup could be as simple as one Bluetooth speaker you can take with you anywhere or a more complicated design with multiple speakers and other components that become a permanent part of your garage gym setup. 

Hearing and feeling that sound is what matters while your heart rate is begging for a break!

Final Thoughts

Well, hopefully, you’ve already walked into your garage for inspiration. And liked what you saw. Now you’ve also read about some excellent garage gym ideas to help make that gym a reality.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make that garage the fitness envy of your neighborhood!