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12-Week Weight Loss Program

Lose 10-15 Pounds Every month

FITNESS coaching

Weekly Calls + Accountability Goals

Strength training

Simple & Easy To Follow Program

Nutrition planning

A Diet That Won’t Feel Restrictive & Shed Pounds

My Own Journey

My name is Paul, and I want to share my weight loss journey with you where I shed 150lbs over 12 months and transformed my life. A number of years ago, whilst I was in my mid-twenties, I wasn’t taking care of myself well enough. I had a breakup with a girlfriend, and I stopped exercising and I was eating way too much junk food. I was also working really late at work, and often flying in and out of Europe every week and having to get up extremely early in the morning. I would be eating fast food and drinking alcohol. I was making easy choices but not the optimal choices in terms of my lifestyle choices.

Over a number of years this weight gain significantly compounded like a snowball effect. Month by month the weight just kept piling on and got to the point where my weight was circa 170kg or 375lbs. I had a number of health issues including: obstructive sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, low testosterone and general low energy levels. This also had an effect on my mood levels and general outlook on life. I had a health issue with a kidney and I needed to go to the hospital. I had a further set of blood tests which prompted a referral to my GP doctor.

Witnessing Paul’s body transformation of 100+ pounds inspired me to take on my own fitness transformation. I highly recommend his program since I have already achieved amazing results.


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