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Powerblock Dumbbells Review 2023

Are you looking for a way to improve your strength and conditioning? Powerblock Dumbbells offer the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay in shape and save money.

These adjustable weights are designed to grow with you as your strength increases, so you can switch up your workout without buying extra equipment. And they can be stored virtually anywhere.

But that’s not all – these dumbbells have plenty of other features that make them stand out. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder these dumbbells have become popular among fitness enthusiasts worldwide – but are they worth it? Find out in our comprehensive review!

Overview Of The Powerblock Dumbbells

Powerblock Dumbbells represent an innovative piece of gym equipment that revolutionized the way people work out. They are a great alternative to traditional dumbbells, providing an adjustable weight option that can change your workout routine. 

They feature a unique and patented design that allows you to adjust the weight on each side for a customized workout experience – you can easily switch from light lifting to heavier exercises in no time. Moreover, they can handle your heavy lifting loads with ease.

Finally, their ergonomic design and comfortable grip make them easy to use and highly effective for gaining strength and muscle mass. These dumbbells are ideal for anyone looking for reliable and versatile gym equipment.

Benefits Of The Powerblock Dumbbells

Owning a set of dumbbells may be expensive, making it difficult to justify the cost of a Powerblock set. However, there are numerous benefits to investing in these dumbbells, and they can help create an optimal home gym environment.

The Powerblock system is designed to save space, with each pair of bells taking up less than two cubic feet. This makes them ideal for any home gym situation, as they don’t require the same amount of space usually associated with traditional dumbbell sets. 

Furthermore, they offer adjustable weight settings that vary from model to model (more on this below). So you don’t have to purchase multiple sets to increase your workload. You just need one set that can grow with your progress.

In addition, the Powerblock Dumbbells are incredibly durable and easy to use – making them an excellent choice for any fitness enthusiast looking for reliable equipment

With its adjustable weight settings and robust construction, this set will provide years of reliable service and help create an effective home gym.

Pros And Cons Of The Powerblock Dumbbells

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this dumbbell set.

On the plus side, these smartly designed dumbbells come in various sizes, which you can easily adjust with the pin mechanism. This makes them incredibly convenient if you need to change weight settings quickly during your workouts. In addition, they are also quite affordable and take up minimal space compared to their traditional counterparts.

However, while they may seem like the perfect solution, there are some drawbacks. Since they are constructed from plastic and metal components, they can be noisy when adjusting weight settings. 

In addition, they have a boxed-in handle, which can cause discomfort compared to traditional dumbbells. Furthermore, because of their unique design, it can be challenging for beginners to use them effectively without proper instruction or guidance.

Overall, Powerblock Dumbbells, although not perfect in every way, offer an exciting alternative if you are looking for an easier and space-saving way to exercise in your home gym!

Different Models Of The Powerblock Dumbbells

With a range of different models available, there’s something for everyone.

The entry-level option is the Sport EXP. The standard version has weights ranging from 5 to 50 pounds per dumbbell. They are adjustable in 2.5 or 5-pound increments. In addition, you can add expansion kits, increasing the total weight per bell to 90 pounds. This would replace up to 16 pairs of traditional dumbbells in the process. 

These dumbbells have a sportier look, hence their name, and the handle is more open than the other options available. In addition, the Sport series has non-expandable alternatives as well.

Next in line is the Elite USA. The standard specs are the same as the Sport EXP. The most significant differences are that these dumbbells are the only option manufactured in USA, and their handle is a bit boxier. However, it is considered one of the best value adjustable dumbbells available.

Another option is the Pro EXP, with a similar baseline as the other expandable options. However, depending on the model option, there are other premium features, such as coated steel plates. They can also be used with other Powerblocks attachments, like a straight bar to convert the set into a barbell. The Pro Series also has non-expandable options available.

The final alternative, a significant price increase from the others, is the Commercial Pro EXP. These dumbbells are designed for commercial gyms, but home gym owners with heavy lifting needs can also purchase them. 

Across the board, they are manufactured with more premium and durable materials than the other options, and the expansion kit available goes up to 175 pounds per bell. This would replace up to 28 pairs of traditional dumbbells. So they are designed with serious lifters in mind!

No matter what type of workout you’re looking for, Powerblock Dumbbells will fit your needs perfectly. From Sport to Commercial Pro, they have something that can help you reach your fitness goals quickly and effectively – all while providing comfort and durability along the way.

How To Use The Powerblock Dumbbells

Using Powerblock Dumbbells is straightforward. You simply select the weight from the range available with the easy-to-use pin mechanism (from 5 to 50 pounds or up to 90 or 175 pounds depending on the model and expansion kit). The handle will automatically adjust itself to fit the weight, so there’s no need for fiddling around with plates or clips. 

Thanks to their streamlined design, you can easily store them away after use – taking up far less space than traditional dumbbell sets.

Maintenance Tips For The Powerblock Dumbbells

Maintenance of Powerblock Dumbbells is essential to their long-term use and enjoyment. 

To begin with, you should clean these dumbbells regularly as an integral part of a maintenance routine. Since you will probably cover them in sweat while lifting, it’s wise to wipe them down after each workout. This will help keep them clean and dry and prevent any build-up that could lead to corrosion or rusting over time. 

Additionally, you should lubricate the moving parts every six months to help reduce wear and tear from normal usage.

In addition to cleaning and lubrication, make sure to store the dumbbells properly to maximize their lifespan. For example, regularly reposition them to help avoid imbalances caused by overuse in certain equipment areas. It’s also a good idea to store them away from direct sunlight or moisture, as this may cause damage over time. 

Following these simple maintenance tips, you can enjoy your Powerblock set for years without worrying about wear and tear due to improper care.

Final Thoughts

Powerblock Dumbbells are an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts looking to switch up their workout routine. With adjustable weights, these dumbbells provide an easy and safe way to challenge your body. 

Whether you’re new to lifting or a seasoned pro, they have something to offer everyone. Not only will you save time by not having to change weights between sets, but you’ll also save money by not buying multiple sets of traditional dumbbells.

Consider investing in these dumbbells if you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to get fit. With their adjustable versatility and reliable durability, they’re sure to be a powerful partner on your fitness journey!